What people are saying about our classes

"I am grateful to have found Michelle, such a deeply inspiring and kind yoga teacher. Doing her class re-sets me. The creaks in my body iron out, and I feel calm. I love that she encourages us to pay attention to what our bodies need, and how they feel, rather than what they look like. There is always the opportunity for challenge, or of taking it easy. I always enjoy her offerings of wisdom, words from ancient teachers, poems, or gentle reminders. Michelle is a gem and I highly recommend her class."  - Kirsten

"Yoga Shala Space is a beautiful studio in the heart of Warrandyte. It is a welcoming and well-equipped place to enjoy yoga. My first class of Yin Yoga was with Michelle, she has set a very high bar for others to follow. Michelle is divine, gracious and knowledgeable. The Yin and Yang classes offer students a full spectrum, as well as very accessible meditative techniques. A home away from home. Thank you!" - Susie

"Practicing yoga under Michelle's guidance was a truly enriching experience. Michelle's sound knowledge of the poses and the yogic philosophy underpinning them provides the student with a comprehensive framework to refine their commitment to health as well as deepen their awareness of the human condition. Michelle's facilitates her classes with a permeating sense of relaxation, warmth and sense of humour, as well as readily accommodating each student's ability to undertake each asana. Whether it's one of her invigorating Vinyasa classes or a slower Yin class you can be assured of a thoroughly enjoyable practice from a truly advanced instructor. I recommend undertaking classes with Michelle for both beginners and advanced practitioners."  - Shannon

"Since I first started with Michelle my mind and body had been so much better off. Every class I have attended meets every expectation and more often than not exceeds it. I’m amazed by everything Michelle has to offer in her classes from ideal delivery, relaxing oils, seamless flow of class, variety, mindful connection, understanding of limitations and much more.  I have gained strength and flexibility as well as reducing some chronic conditions I’ve had for a while.  The classes provide a space for peacefulness and personal achievements. Mindfulness is also a large part of the class. If I could attend a class every day with Michelle I would!" - Bryn

“The moment I enter the tranquil quiet and unique space that Michelle creates for each and every yoga session my soul, body and mind feels welcome, included and safe. Balanced flow and meditation practice take me special to places every time with Michelle’s gentle guidance. Yoga is a journey and I’m just very lucky to have Michelle as my guide”.  - Yoga student

 "I believe that Michelle’s incredible intuition gives her an ability to recognise what each individual needs to hear and feel through their yoga practice. Michelle’s yoga practice is holistic and works equally with mind, spirit and body, and she is a master in guiding us to a place that is calm, strong and clear in all of these areas. She allows you to grow into your yoga practice, dropping in pearls of advice and encouragement when you are ready, so you can thrive on listening to your own practice and your journey. She is empowering, supportive and inspirational."

"Michelle, your creation of space, quiet contemplation of the body and mind through sharing your yoga practice had a profound and wonderful impact on me. I came into the practice as a brand new yogi. You guided, encouraged and taught me to be aware from the core foundations. Thank you for the rich introduction into Yoga. It will take me far."  - Elena

"Our yoga journey can take many paths; I am so grateful for a friendly, warm and open school; And the knowledge of wise experienced teachers…"  - James

"I absolutely love Yin Yoga on Wed nights with Michelle. These sessions always bring clarity and calm to my mind and my body. With the busy work life that I live, this practice is essential for me to stay grounded within myself. Michelle is an amazing woman and extremely intuitive. I often feel as though she is speaking directly to me as the teachings in each class always seem so relevant to what I am currently going through."  - Bel

"I love Yoga Shala Space. I've been doing yoga with Michelle for 4+ years and just get so much out of attending her classes. I currently do both the dynamic Vinyasa and the Yin yoga and get so much benefit out of both. Classes are well balanced, offering a blend of strength and gentleness and creating the space to truly listen to the needs of your body and invite you to honour yourself in your practice and beyond. A warm, welcoming and heart-based space, I begin to feel at ease and more balanced the minute I walk in the door. Michelle is deeply present in all classes and each class is presented with much thought and depth. Can't recommend this place highly enough."  - Nicole

YOGA SHALA SPACE         168-178 Yarra St Warrandyte