Due to current health concerns, and in order to best serve our community, the studio is closed for now. HOWEVER WE ARE OFFERING SOME LIVE, ONLINE CLASSES VIA ZOOM. Please contact Michelle at if you would like to register for any of our offerings. Take care of yourself, your loved ones, your community, now more than ever all beings and the Earth need our loving presence and care.




7.15 - 8.30 AM

Dynamic Flow












6.30 - 8.00 PM









5 - 6 PM

Prenatal Yoga




A dynamic and powerful form of yoga where postures flow one into another, linking graceful movement with breathe awareness. Classes are creative, smooth, strong and fluid, sometimes active, sometimes subtle, creating heat in the body, helping to detoxify the entire system and stimulate energy flow. Static holds are also explored, resulting in a practice that builds muscular as well as cardio strength, while increasing flexibility, stability and inner awareness. An integrated practice, each class incorporates deep relaxation, pranayama, mindful movement and guided meditation. A full mind/body journey, Dynamic Vinyasa Flow with Michelle encourages mindfulness, self-compassion, resiliance and strength, while leaving students open, calm, centered and fully embodied.



A quiet, still and nourishing approach to the yoga practice, Yin offers long, meditative holds, inviting students to delve into the deeper, more hidden layers, tissues and spaces of the body. By focusing on relaxing the muscles, we are able to move deeply into the connective tissues (fascia), releasing stress, tightness and long held tension throughout the entire system. A regular Yin practice increases flexibility, suppleness, and joint mobility, while improving the flow of energy throughout the body. Even more potent is Yin’s capacity to help us awaken to a state of internal stillness and spaciousness, physically, mentally and emotionally. A mindful, deeply meditative, yet at times challenging practice, Yin is the perfect companion to more dynamic(Yang) forms of yoga, and to busy, active lifestyles. Yin Yoga soothes and nurtures the entire nervous system, while inviting students to connect, with intimate awareness, to the mind/body/heart.



This class is for those who have already established a yoga practice but appreciate a slower pace. Here we settle into presence and come home to our bodies as we start slowly building a sequence, before settling into a flow. An opportunity to match our movements to the rhythm of our breath, getting out of the thinking mind and into the current of our bodies. Fluid and slow, focus is placed on listening to your body and moving in a way that promotes the healthy circulation of Qi or energy. India draws a lot of inspiration from  the seasons, moving in sync with the natural world.




Each pre-natal yoga class incorporates breathing practices and postures appropriate for pregnancy and birth, as well as a guided relaxation to support and nurture the expectant mother while deepening the loving connection with her baby. Michelle is passionate about educating and informing pregnant women during each class in a nurturing and non-judgmental way, believing that every woman has the right to an empowered, conscious and positive birthing experience.  



Each class will include Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation),functional breath centred movement and a seated meditation. The practices are gentle and nurturing, with options and modifications so everyone can participate. You are encouraged to move your body in a way that is pain free and in a comfortable range of movement. The aim of Yoga is to settle the mind,  looking for ease of breath and steadiness of mind as we move through the practices.   Classes may also include mantra (chanting) and hasta mudras (hand gestures) which influence the flow of energy in the body. My classes suit those looking to deepen their connection with self, others and life.




Bringing children along on a creative yoga journey with a focus on the whole child, Julie’s children's yoga classes offer a foundation for healthy bodies and minds. While playfully exploring yoga poses, conscious breathing and simple meditation and relaxation techniques, children’s yoga helps to enhance and balance body awareness, energy levels, focus and confidence, connecting to a deep sense of inner joy. Each session is interactive and mindfully structured to allow all children, regardless of age or physically ability, to share and experience the delights of yoga through music, partner/group work, stories and yoga games.



TERM PASS(must be paid in full at the beginning of the term)

$18/class up front if attending one class/week

$16/class up front if attending two class/week

$14/class up front if attending three+class/week

$12/class up front for all full time students(excludes children's yoga classes)

**Term passes are based on the number of classes attending each week multiplied by the number of weeks in the term, and MUST be paid upfront at the beginning of term. 

CHILDREN'S YOGA: $15/class for first child, subsequent siblings $12/class...casual attendance is not encourgaed as it is disruptive for the children, however those new to the class are welcome to try the first class at $17 prior to commiting to the term 

STUDIO PASS: $200 for a 10 class pass (valid for 3 months to use at any Yoga class, excludes Children's Yoga and Prenatal Yoga) 

CASUAL PRICE: $25 per class adults, $17 per class students, $17 per class Children's Yoga trial

PRENATAL YOGA: $25/class casual $100 for a 5 class block


**YOGA SHALA SPACE would like to ensure that the yoga practice is open and available to all who would like to attend. If you are experiencing financial difficulties please feel free to discuss options with Michelle**

YOGA SHALA SPACE         168-178 Yarra St Warrandyte